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Admiral Law can advise you on a variety of different ways to fund your claim

One of the most important questions you are likely to have will be: “How will I pay to bring my claim?”. If you're concerned about how you'll pay to take your claim forward, we have a variety of funding options which we can offer. We can advise you in detail at the beginning of the process.

You may already have Motor Legal Protection through your motor insurance. This protects you against paying the costs involved in legal cases, for example, solicitors’ fees, court fees, etc. You need to have a reasonable chance of your claim being successful and we will advise you fully on this, as well as on any other terms and conditions that may affect your cover.

You may be able to enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) with us. This is a contract between you and us. It allows us to reclaim costs from your opponent when your claim ends if that is possible. You will be responsible for some of the costs of your claim but we will advise you about this and any other conditions that may apply, including that these costs will be retained from your compensation.

More detail can be found in the Client Information Guide.