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Frequently asked questions

In this section, you'll find Frequently Asked Questions about us and our practices.

  • I've registered my claim with you, but I haven't heard from you for a while. What's happening?

    Once we submit your claim, the other driver’s insurance company has several weeks to review our allegations and decide whether they wish to accept fault for the accident or to dispute it.

    During this period there is little that we can do to progress your claim, but it's important that you continue with your rehabilitation and keep a record of any financial losses that you have incurred. There is no need to contact us through this period, we will let you know when we receive a response.

    You can use the ‘Financial Loss Application’ facility on your Client Extra Account to upload your losses and any evidence you may have. e.g. receipts and pictures.

    Once the other driver’s insurance company has reviewed your claim, your case handler will make contact and inform you of the next steps. This is likely to take several weeks.

    The progress of your claim can be tracked on your client extra account.

  • Why do you need my National Insurance number?

    Both us and the other driver's insurance company need this to help verify your identity. It will also be used by the other driver's insurers to help locate any charges that they may be liable for if you had to attend hospital as a result of the collision.

    We cannot legally submit your claim without your national insurance number, so if you haven't already given this to us, please provide this as soon as possible.

    One of our Legal Advisors will take your National Insurance number when setting up your claim. Alternatively, you can provide this via a message on your client extra account.

  • Can a minor claim compensation for their injuries?

    As anyone under the aged of 18 lacks capacity to pursue a claim themselves, we will need to appoint a "Litigation Friend" to pursue the claim on their behalf. This is usually a parent or legal guardian, but cannot be the person driving at the time of the accident. Once the claim has settled, the Court will also need to approve the agreed compensation figure before the insurer can release payment. This is because a minor is deemed to be a vulnerable person and so the Court must satisfy itself that the minor receives the right level of damages.

  • How long will my claim take to settle?

    Just like our clients, every claim is different and time scales vary from case to case. On average, claims usually take between six to twelve months to settle, but some cases can settle outside of this timescale. Your case handler will keep you updated with anticipated settlement times throughout the life of your claim with us.

  • How long do I have to make a claim following the road traffic accident?

    You have 3 years to make a claim for injury (and 6 years for a claim that consists solely of your financial losses). If your injuries take longer to resolve than 3 years, then we will ensure that your interests are protected. Your case handler will talk you through this in depth if this happens to you.

  • What is the difference between Admiral Law and Admiral Insurance?

    Admiral Law is a joint venture between Admiral Group plc and Lyons Davidson Solicitors. We are a separate business to Admiral Insurance and are regulated in our own right by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

    If we are speaking to you, you will have consented for Admiral Insurance to pass your details to us so we can assist you after incident.

    Our systems are completely separate from Admiral, but we will communicate with them where possible to ensure that your claim progresses smoothly at all times.

    We will always act in your best interests, our separation from Admiral allows us to always ensure that your case remains our priority.

  • How will my claim be funded?

    If you already have existing legal expense insurance (you may have opted for Motor Legal Protection Insurance via your Admiral Policy, or may have a ‘before the event’ insurance policy elsewhere), this will cover your legal costs associated with pursuing your claim.

    If you do not have existing legal expense insurance policy that covers your claim, then we will often set up a Conditional Fee Agreement with you, which will set out the terms and limits of our fees. Our fees will only be deducted from the compensation amount you are awarded in a successful claim. We will never take more than 25% of the compensation you have been awarded.

    Without existing legal expenses insurance, you will also have the option to purchase ‘after the event’ insurance cover. This will cover you from any costs you may need to pay and will insure you against any adverse costs in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful.

    The funding of your claim will be addressed at the outset and you will also receive detailed correspondence discussing the terms & conditions of your funding agreement with us.

  • Who are Ascenti and why are they contacting me?

    Ascenti are rehabilitation providers, predominantly providing physiotherapy treatment. We may ask them to assist you with your recovery if you were injured as a result of the accident. They offer a wide variety of rehabilitation services , which aim to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible. More information about the services they offer can be found here.

  • Who are the medical agency and why do I have to have a medical examination?

    The medical agency will arrange for a medical expert to see you. The expert will need to examine you in order to help us and the other driver’s insurance company verify the nature and extent of your injuries.

    Attending the medical examination is a crucial stage of your claim; the report produced by the doctor will allow us to ensure that we value your claim accurately and will also help us to ensure that any on-going injuries are treated correctly.

    Your claim cannot proceed until this examination is attended.

    Once we have instructed the agency, they will write to you and inform you of the time and location of your appointment.

  • I can't attend my medical examination, what do I do?

    That’s not a problem just contact the agency to arrange a new appointment. You must inform the agency if you are unable to attend your appointment as failure to do so may result in you being charged for non-attendance.

  • Why do I need to attend a second medical examination?

    Sometimes, you may be asked to attend a second medical examination, this will usually take place if your injuries have not recovered as anticipated. You may also need to see another expert if you require the attention of medical experts with different specialisms that relate to other injuries that you may have sustained.

  • How much injury compensation will I receive?

    Compensation amounts for your injury vary depending on your specific case and several factors, such as the nature and severity of your injuries and whether or not a specific tariff applies to your injury. You can claim for financial losses reasonably incurred because of the accident in addition to the compensation claimed for your injury. Please log onto your Client Extra Account and visit your Financial Losses Application for more information on this.

  • What financial losses can I claim for?

    You can claim for any financial losses that you have reasonably incurred because of the accident. These can be incidental expenses, such as travel costs, the cost of medication and damaged property. They can also be on-going losses, such as any costs associated with your care, any loss of earnings that you may have suffered and also the cost of your rehabilitation.

    This list is not exhaustive, and you will only be able to claim for items where evidence is available.

    Dependent upon the level of cover on your vehicle insurance policy some of the financial losses you may incur will be insured, therefore your insurer will take care of these. For instance, if you have fully comprehensive cover, (meaning your vehicle is an insured loss covered by your insurance irrespective of fault) your insurer will discuss your options and directly deal with your vehicle.

    If you choose to retain your vehicle and opt for a ‘cash in lieu’ payment then you cannot recover any other expenses (like repairs) from the other driver’s insurer. If you want to find out more about what is covered by your policy, please refer to your insurance policy document.

    We will continue to advise you on what you can and can't claim for in more detail during the life of your case with us. More information can be found on your Financial Losses Application on your Client Extra Account.

  • Will Admiral Law directly reimburse my losses?

    We don’t directly reimburse your losses, but what we do is support you through the legal process of submitting your claim to the other driver’s insurance company, who will raise payment for compensation of your personal injury and financial losses if your claim is successful.

  • What will happen to my ‘no claims bonus’?

    We don’t reinstate your ‘no claims bonus’ but your insurer might!

    If a claim costs your insurer money (for example; to pay for repairs) your insurer will classify the claim as ‘fault’ irrespective of who is to blame. If your insurer is able to claim back all the money from the other driver’s insurer they will classify the claim as ‘non-fault’ and you will be entitled to have your no claims bonus reinstated. Make sure you check this with your insurer. We cannot see Admiral Insurance’s systems, so you’ll need to speak to them directly about this.

    For further information on how your no claims bonus has been affected please contact your insurer directly.

  • What if the other driver is uninsured, or if I haven’t been able to identify the other driver (hit and run)?

    If the driver was uninsured or untraced, your case may need to be referred to the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB). The MIB is an insurer of last resort, meaning that if some liability to deal with your claim can be identified, then that insurer will remain responsible for dealing with your case. Your handler will be able to provide you with further details of this process. In the meantime click here for more information on how the MIB Process works.

  • Where can I find more information about my claim?

    More useful information about the claim process can be found here within the ‘Client Information Guide’. Once the other driver’s insurance company responds and your dedicated case handler makes contact, you will receive a bespoke update and more information about your claim.